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2007.03.10. 13:24 izborn

kanye west - late registration

Címkék: fless **** hopphipp

Actually the track they did was "Heard Em' Say" off Late Registration. God that was fucking amazing live, with Jon throwing down the beat and looping it and then doing the piano live. Jon, Kanye and Adam Levine (the singer) totally killed it. The extended freestyle even had Adam doing a…

2007.02.09. 11:09 izborn

heute pop morgen

Címkék: rádió prüntyögős dántempó dolgoznijó ródmúvi pop **** hopphipp

What is heute:pop:morgen?heute:pop:morgen is a weekly radio show focusing on leftfield electronic music (or electronic post-pop, that's what we call it). You can listen to it every Friday 8am on Tide 96.0 in Hamburg (Germany) or if you don't live in Hamburg you can listen to it here now.Amióta…

2007.01.13. 16:59 izborn

mixmag presents de la soul's hip hop mixtape

Címkék: *** hopphipp

Mixmag, nov 20061 De La Soul  Live At The Dug Out 87 (3:23)2 Camp Lo  Gimme Dat (2:08)3 Butta Verses  Work (4:26)4 Ravage  Weekend Daddy (2:00)5 Billy Ray (4)  U Pussy (4:45)6 De La Soul And MF Doom  Rock Co. Kane Flow (3:56)7 Estelle…

2006.04.19. 15:42 izborn

the streets - hardest way to make an easy living

Címkék: pop * hopphipp

Vice Rec, apr 20061. Pranging Out2. War Of The Sexes3. The Hardest Way To Make An Easy Living  4. All Goes Out The Window  5. Memento Mori  6. Can't Con An Honest John  7. When You Wasn't Famous  8. Never Went To Church  9. Hotel Expressionism  10. Two Nations  11. Fake Streets Hats Mike…

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2006.04.15. 17:26 izborn

sergio mendes - timeless

Címkék: sztivi pop *** baszónova hopphipp

Concord, febr 20061. Mas Que Nada (Mah-sh Keh Nah-da) featuring The Black Eyed Peas2. That Heat featuring Erykah Badu and will.i.am3. Berimbau/Consolacao (Beh-rim-bao/Con-soh-lah-soun) featuring Stevie Wonder and Gracinha Leporace4. The Frog featuring Q-Tip and will.i.am5. Let Me featuring Jill…

2006.04.15. 10:12 izborn

omar - sing (if you want it)

Címkék: dzsezz funksoulbrotha sztivi pop ***** tánc! hopphipp

Feed Records, may 200601 Lift Off 02 Sing 03 Be A Man 04 Kiss It Right 05 Get It Together 06 Your Mess 07 All For Me08 Its So 09 Gimme Sum 10 Feeling You 11 Lay It Down12 I Want It 13 Stylin 14 Ghana Emotion 15 Gimme Sum (Vocal version)Azt hittem, sűllyesztős one-hit-wonder. Aztán arra gondoltam,…

2006.04.05. 16:20 izborn

nightmares on wax - in a space outta sound

Címkék: dántempó dolgoznijó **** hopphipp

Warp, march 20061. Passion2. The Sweetest3. Flip Ya Lid4. Pudpots5. Damn6. You Wish7. Deepdown8. Chime Out9. Me!10. I Am You11. Soul Purpose12. African Pirates K. barátom lelkendezett a lemezről,s mivel a régebbi lemezüket is közepesnél picit jobban bírtam, kíváncsian vágtam bele. Most…